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Resource Center

Now that your website is online, it's time to work the Internet - but where to start? The Internet can be a confusing, frustrating virtual world for both novices and experienced surfers alike. Green Ghost is pleased to offer the Resource Center, your first source for important web-related information.

We are in no way receiving any compensation for the listed sites and services - our goal is to make your Internet experiences as productive and easy as possible.

The topics are presented in a forum style to allow others to share their knowledge and to pose questions directly. Any specific or private questions can always be sent to Check back often as the Resource Center will be regularly updated and expanded. Coming soon - glossary and extensive links page.

  1. Search Engines
    • Best Search Engines
    • Search Engine Placement

  2. Software
    • Media
    • File Transfer
    • Download Sites
    • Web Browser Plug-ins
    • Security
    • Compression

  3. Best of the Web - Green Ghost Favorites
    • News
    • Entertainment
    • Consumer Products

  4. Web Design & Development
    • Tutorials
    • Multimedia
    • Scripts
    • Fonts
    • Tools
    • Usability

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